Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Hand Sewn Satin Evening Bag

As a Christmas project I decided to sew an evening bag. The design was inspired by an Art Deco lampshade that would have otherwise been thrown away. In fact, I upcycled a beaded panel from the shade by turning it into an embellishment on the back of the product. 
The shoulder bag is made from hand-quilted and beaded scarlet satin lined with a gorgeous patterned cream and red cotton poplin. The style of the bag as well as the embellishments were influenced by Art-Deco, in particular the design of the beaded lamp shape.

Detail on front of bag with flap down
Back of bag showing upcycled embellishment and quilting

Detail of hand-beaded and quilted gusset
Detail of the lining of the flap and magnetic clasp 

Detail of gusset and shoulder strap made
 from a professionally manufactured
 chain which I shortened to suit my height
Base of bag showing detail of Art Deco- inspired quilting

Photograph showing the lining of the evening bag inside a
 zipped pocket for security

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Hand Painted Plate

I hand painted this plate with a hint of a Christmas theme using ceramic paint. I have depicted a winter holly leaf at the top and a summer flower on the bottom rim to act as a juxtaposition. This paint is dishwasher safe once it has been set so I will be able to use the plate again and again without it fading!

Monday, 1 December 2014

Textile Art - Sea Scene

I created this piece of textile art using free-hand machine embroidery, beading and hand embroidery. The sea scene that I have sewn depicts light rays shining into the depths of the ocean and the ripples at the water's surface.

Complete scene of the ocean

Detail of beading, hand embroidery and free-hand machine embroidery